• Light Industrial and Commercial Construction
    • Tilt wall panel construction
    • Prestressed concrete panel construction
    • Structural steel construction
    • CBS construction
  • ResidentialConstruction
    • Single Family Subdivisions
    • Townhouse and Multiplexes
    • Apartments and multifamily units
  • Land Development
    • Land clearing and fill excavation
    • Underground utilities
    • Water and sewer line placement
    • Paving and storm drainage
  • Construction Management
    • Coordination and supervision for any size construction project.


  • Feasibility Studies
    • Perform Due Diligence for Residential, Commercial, and Mix Use projects. The main areas addressed are: identification of sites, absorption rates actual vs projected, discounted cash flow performance, and construction estimating.
    • Coordination of primary consultants for traffic concurrency, market analysis, site planning, and engineering.
  • Land Development & Planning Analysis
    • Wetlands/Preserve evaluation, land use and comprehensive planning designations, schedule for time line feasibility.
    • Economic analysis of purchase, layout of proposed changes vs. compliance.
    • Coordination of appropriate consultants.
  • General Construction Cost Estimating
    • Detail construction estimating for light industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.
    • Cost comparisons for rehab/renovations vs new construction.
    • Historic restoration cost analysis.